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Rage Is Not Enough (Danja Mix) [Single, 2016]


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Perfect Urban Electronic Rock Sound

A new single from Love X Stereo, produced by world-renowned producer Danja.


Korean electronic rising star Love X Stereo, who received rave reviews from local media at SXSW (March 2016), released a new single [Rage Is Not Enough (Danja Mix)].

Danja co-produced Justin Timberlake’s second full-length album and won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. Recently, he has been recognized as the hottest producer in the United States with albums he worked with Jason Derulo and Meek Mill which ranked high on the Billboard main chart.

Mixing engineer Marcella Araica is also a household name in the industry as one of the top recording and mixing engineers in the world, who has recorded and mixed tracks for artists including Britney Spears, Madonna, and M.I.A.

The dynamic duo praised the band’s capabilty of songwriting and how fast they recorded everything in a blink of an eye.

The official music video, directed by Pablo Fuentes Gómez, was inspired by South Korea’s protests against President Park Geun-hye in 2016-2017. The music video was nominated as Best Music Video at the 2017 Girona Film Festival, and won Best Music Video at the 2018 Canada International Film Festival.

Artists: Danja, Love X Stereo
Release Date: 19-8-2016
Genre: Electronic

Available Lyrics

Rage Is Not Enough (Danja Mix)

Wake up
It's time to freshen up your makeup
Their money really doesn't add up
It's like a never ending game to you
Warm kiss
You start a war against the nervous
You deal your fears but don't forget this
No matter what they tell you
They'll soon forget about you
Unless you do something cause
Rage is not enough
Rage is not enough
You're way too young to hit the pavement
You thought that this was your moment
That moment when you start to fly away
Make it
I got your back cause you deserve it
Let's bring the devil down to break it
No matter what you've been through
I'm here to stand beside you
We're gonna break some rules cause
Rage is not enough
Rage is not enough

Album Reviews

In parallel time-lines, we see the different paths that a woman's life might take based on her actions and decisions.

Pablo Fuentes Gómez (Director)

The intuitive and relentless mood of the song met Danja's unique urban chic, creating a chic and unique song reminiscent of the "fantastic combination" of Michael Jackson, who reigned as the king of pop in the 80s and 90s, and Van Halen, the greatest rock band of the time. In particular, Patrick "Guitar Boy" Hayes' spectacular guitar solo in the second half of the song is the highlight of the song (Patrick "Guitar Boy" Hayes is known as a session guitarist for pop artists such as Chris Brown and Ciara).

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