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Pulsations: Musical Relay of the Games

대한민국 아티스트로 참여합니다 磊﫡

For the Olympics, representing Republic of Korea 

JUNE 21, 10:10pm  / 3:10pm 


#savethedate #pulsations #paris2024

In a partnership between @paris2024 @institutdumondearabe @makemusicday , artists around the world will unite their music, and their hearts, through a musical relay on June 21 for Make Music Day.

From New Zealand to France, this 100% live online broadcast, entitled Pulsations (meaning “heartbeats” in French), will feature musicians in 24 countries performing free public concerts. Taking turns on the broadcast, each band will perform a 10-minute set, ending their last song with a “heartbeat” rhythm composed by renowned French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf. At that moment, like the passing of the Olympic torch , the band in the next country will join the livestream, match the heartbeat rhythm, and seamlessly begin their own set.


Many thx to @akgaudio  @franceencoree_culture 