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LOVE X STEREO/LATEST-NEWS /Nicole Yun – Get to Me : finally released!


Nicole Yun – Get to Me : finally released!

@sonicyun – Get To Me 🎧 미국 밴드 @eternalsummers 를 이끄는 내 친구 #NicoleYun 의 새 노래를 @mix.audio_official 앱에서 지금 확인하세요! ✨

Last year around Christmas, i had dinner at @okdongsik and convinced my amazing friend @sonicyun to make a brand new song with us for @mix.audio_official 🎹
She whipped up a song on the spot and it was a beautiful experience 🩷 of course, @j_path added flare 🔥 always love to collab 🫶

Check out the song we helped her create at @mix.audio_official app rn! 🤩🤩🤩

#gettome #indiepop #mixaudio #믹스오디오