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LOVE X STEREO/LATEST-NEWS / newly envisioned by The Drone Pilots!


< 랑데뷰 RDV > newly envisioned by The Drone Pilots!

“Silentium universi,” also known as “The Great Silence,” can be linked to the Fermi Paradox and the concept of “The Dark Forest” from Liu Cixin’s science fiction novel. The Fermi Paradox examines the contradiction between the high likelihood of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence or communication with them. It raises the question of why intelligent life remains unseen despite the existence of potentially habitable planets. In this context, “Silentium universi” reflects the absence of observable communication or interaction with other civilizations, underscoring the scarcity of detectable signals or physical evidence. It suggests that if other civilizations exist, they might opt for silence, refrain from broadcasting their presence, or employ technology that renders them undetectable by our current means. Thus, “Silentium universi” encapsulates the notion that the universe appears silent and devoid of apparent contact with intelligent beings, resonating with the enigmatic nature of the Fermi Paradox and the concepts of “The Dark Forest” where civilizations remain hidden to avoid detection and destruction.

00:23 Love X Stereo, DA1SY DØØM – <랑데뷰 RDV>